Richard F. Giddens, of the said County of Red River

The State of Texas)
Red River County)

I, Richard F. Giddens, of the said County of Red River, being of sound and disposing mind and memory and being desirous to settle my worldly affairs while I have strength to do so, do make this my last will and testament hereby revoking all others heretofore by me made.

Item 1st I desire and direct that my body be buried near and by the side of my former wife Jane in a decent and Christian like manner suitable to my circumstances and condition in life.

Item 2nd That I direct and bequeath my soul to God who gave it.

Item 3rd I desire and direct that my just debts be paid without delay by my executor to be hereafter appointed.

Item 4th I give bequeath and desire to my present beloved wife Hariet (sic) a certain tract or parcel of land the same being a part of my homestead commencing at the east corner of an offset in the survey given to John Giddens by me. Said corner being in the field now being cultivated by Sarah J Giddens thence west in the prairie far enough to so as a north line will include all the improvements on the east side of the lane (runing (sic) north) far enough north so as to make two hundred acres thence east to John Giddens survey thence south to the place of beginning to have and to hold unto my present wife Harriet during her natural life. I also give and bequeath to my beloved wife all tools necessary in cultivating the farm set aside by me for her and her also two horses, one a brown mare now on the place. The other a black horse called John. Also one wagon and the buggy that is on the place. Also five cows and calves such as she may select from my stock. Also twenty head of hogs, also so all provisions on hand necessary for one year’s supply. Also bridles and harness necessary for the family. Also the stock of the sheep belonging to the place. The condition of the foregoing 4th item is designed to be in lieu of and a bar against all other and further rights benefits and claims of my said wife to my estate either real or personal except such as are hereinafter mentioned.

Item 5th I give and bequeath to my bodily heirs, Wiley W. Giddens, Malinda Giddens now Malinda Mowery, Sarah Giddens now Sarah King, Francis M Giddens, and Junetta (sic) Giddens now Junetta (sic) Owen. Also the heirs of my deceased son James R. Giddens and also my son John Giddens now deceased to his heirs the remainder of my homestead consisting of 930 acres more or less to be divided in equal lots to be valued by three disinterested men selected by my executor hereafter to be appointed.

Item 6th I give and bequeath to my daughter Junetta (sic) Owens formerly Junetta (sic) Giddens one hundred and sixty acres of land lying and situated in Blossom Prairie purchased by me from James H Clark.

Item 7th I hereby direct my executor to be hereafter appointed to consummate a certain sail (sic) of land to James H. Clark made by me for 640 acres of land in the penury for which there has been no money paid. I further direct that my executor when the trade is consummated and the money paid to him that he retain one third after all the expences (sic) are paid to be used for a privet (sic) purpose understood by me.

Item 8th I further direct that my executor hereafter to be appointed is authorized to sell and disposed of the remainder of my land in the penury either privatly (sic) or publicly and in such lots as he may think the most advantageous to my estate and after all expences (sic) are paid retain one third for a private use by me understood, the other two thirds to be paid into the estate as other moneys.

Item 9th The residue of my property both real and personal whatever and wherever it may be including all stock household and kitchen furniture and all implements of husbandry and tools both carpenters and blacksmiths to be sold by my executor either privately or publicly as he may think best and the proceeds to be equally divided by the heirs.

Item 10th I hereby constitute my beloved son Wiley W Giddens sole executor of this my last will and testament.

Item 11th I hereby direct that there be no action in any court of this my last will and testament except the proving and recording this will and an inventory of the property of my estate and further that Wiley W. Giddens is not required to give any bond as executor of my estate.

Item 12th I hereby direct that should any doubt or confusion arise on any point concerning this my last will and testament that my executor select three disinterested men and their decision shall be final.

Item 13th I also direct that my homestead occupied by my present beloved wife during her natural life shall at her death be equally divided among my heirs.

In testimony whereof I have here unto set my hand this the 17th day of November 1870.

/s/ Richard S. Giddens

Signed declared and published by Richard F. Giddens as his last will and testament in the presence of the attesting witnesses who have hereto subscribed our names in the presence of Richard F. Giddens at his special instance and request this the 17th day November 1870.

/s/ A.D. Mchaffey
/s/ Joseph G Stiles

The State of Texas )
Red River County ) /s/ John A. Bagby, Clerk Dist. Court
State of Texas )
County of Red River )
Personally appeared in open court on the 9th day of March 1871, Joseph G. Stiles one of the subscribing witnesses who being by me duly sworn says that he signed the annexed will at the request of R. F. Giddens and also in the presence of the other witness A. D. Mehaffey the other subscribing witness signed the same at the request of R. F. Giddens in his presence and the witness further says that the testator was of sound mind and disposing memory and witness further says that the signed testators named to the same at his request and that the testator acknowledged that he had voluntarily executed and delivered the will for the uses and purposes therein contained. I further certify that R.F. Giddens was over seventy one years of age, the other witness and I are over fourteen years of age, R.F. Giddens died in Red River County Texas in November 1870.
/s/ Joesph G. Stiles

Sworn to and subscribed before me this the 9th day of March 1871.

/s/ John A. Bagby, Clerk Dist Court
Red River County

Filed for probate November 17th 1870
/s/ John A. Bagby, Clerk

[Red River County Texas Will Record Book p. 165]

1797, Thomas Giddens sells a piece of land to Thomas Giddens Jr. Land is in New Hanover County on the benson branch(?)..

1797, Thomas Giddens sells a piece of land to Thomas Giddens Jr. Land is in New Hanover County on the benson branch(?).. To see the source of this information, see ThomGiddensDeedsFromLaneGiddens.doc.

Transcription done by D. Flynn 1Jan2012.

Thomas Giddens To Thomas Giddens
This Indenture made this Ninth day of November in the year of our Lord one
Thousand seven hundred and ninety seven Between Tho Giddens of the
New Hanover and state of the other part Witnesses that the said Tho Giddens ?? for and in con-
sideration of the sum of twenty pounds apaid to me by the said Tho Giddens the Receipt ??
?? ?? ?? is hereby acknowledged and am fully satisfied and contentedthere with Hath given granted bargained sold and by this presencents do gige bargain sell transfer unto the said Thomas Giddens his Heirs
and assigns forever a parcel of land lying in the County of New Hanover beginning on the East side of the
?? branch on said Giddons Line running with the line near ?? East ?? to the Crannes(?)being a lightwood
?? ?? with his ?? line to the North prong of the benson branch, there ?? down the said branch to the fork
?? for the ?? to the beginning on laimiary(?) fifty. Forevermore his To Have and To Hold
?? ?? on parcel of land together with all singular appurtenances thereto belonging in any way pertaining unto his the said Thomas Giddens his assigns forever in fee simple and that found
clear from all Incumberances whatsoever & from the Lear(?) date hinderance or molestation f his the said
Tho giddens and his Heirs or agents as Executed deed and himself with warrant and forever defend the
Claim of any person or persons whatsoever claiming or to claim under him or any of them unto him the
Said Tho Giddens or his Heirs or assigns to their own property use onbehalf In Witness whereof I have unto
Set me hand and seal the Day and Year above written
Signed sealed and delivered
In Presence of Thos Giddens Jr
John Giddens
Peter Carpenter

Thomas Giddens mark
Proved by Thomas Giddens Jr Around. Time 1797,
“ Req 31 denom(?) 1797
“ Rhoaddey Bgt(?)

30 April 1792 Thomas Giddeons, son of Benjamin Giddeons, sold land he inherited from his father to William Pigford

1753, land later sold to Benjamin Giddeons, father of Thomas Giddeons, was granted to Timothy Murphy. When Benjamin bought the property is not known at the writing of this note. See the entry on 1792 for information about Thomas selling the land. The land is located in New Hanover county on Sells(?) creek.
To see the source of this information, see ThomGiddensDeedsFromLaneGiddens.doc.

30 April 1792 Thomas Giddeons, son of Benjamin Giddeons, sold land he inherited from his father to William Pigford. The land is located in New Hanover county on Sells(?) creek. The land was granted to Timothy Murphy on 1Sep1753. Timothy later sells the land to Benjamin Giddeons., who is now (1792) deceased. William Wright and James Pigford witness the 1792 deed transfer. To see the source of this information, see ThomGiddensDeedsFromLaneGiddens.doc.

Transcribed below is the third legal on landdeeds002.
Thomas Giddions to William Pigford
This indenture made this thir-
tieth day of April on the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred
Ninety two (1792) Between Thomas Giddeons of the state of
End of landdeeds002
Begin landdeeds003
State of N Carolina & County of New Hanover of the one part and
William Pigford of the same state & County of the other part
Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the Sum
Of fifty pounds Current Money of said State & County to Thomas Giddions
Is here paid by the said William Pigford at or before the sealing & agreeing of these presents the Receipt whereof is hereby Acknowledged by the said XX
Thomas Giddions hath granted, bargained and Sold and by this forever
Doth grant, bargain bill & Confirm unto the said William Pigford &
his Heirs a certain Tract or parcel of Land & containing one this(?)
Deed Heres(?) be the same more or less situated lying & being in the County
Aforsaid near the head of Sells Creek beginning at a line by the maine Branch
Of the Creek running s sixteen 16W-20 Chains to a fine there South of & E 55
Chains to a frame(?), then on North 10W 35 Chains to a Stake beg(?) and then
Swamp then to the first Station it being the plantation that
The said Thomas Giddeons, now lives on & as granted by patent
Hearing date the 1st day of Sept (1753) to Timothy Murphey &
By him transferred & sold to Benjamin Giddeons the father of said
Thomas giddeons & by heirship became the said Thomas Giddeons pro-
Perty & now by him transferred & sold to the Said W. Pigford & all
Houses, buildings & improvements thereunto belonging or appertaining
& also the Estate, right, title, Interest, Claims & Demands whatsoever
of him this said Thomas Giddeons his heirs & of in and to the families
and all Deeds and under-
writing touching or in any wise concerning the same
To have and to hold the above bargained premises, hereby conveys &
Every part and parcel therefor unto the said William Pigford his heirs
& assigns forever & the said Thos giddeons for himself his Heirs,
Executors, Administrators, doth concent, promise & Grant to &
with the said W Pigford his heirs & Assigns by these presents that he
the said Thomas Giddeons now at the sealing & delivery of these pres-
ents, is seized of or good sure indefeasible state of Inheritance in fu(?)
simfile(?) of in & to the promises hereby bargains &Lots(?) & that he hath
good powers & Lawful authority to grant & assign the same unto
the said William Pigford in manner & form aforesaid & that the said
premises is now & so shall forever hereafter remain ? ? free from Claim
of & former gifts, grants,bargains, ?, Dowery, Rights Title of Dower(?) inso(?)
bargains whatsoever was made or done or committed or suffered(?) by the said
Thomas Giddeons or any other person or persons whatsoever & them
?? Thomas Giddeons & his Heirs all using star(?)
End of landdeeds003
Begin landdeeds004
He promises hereby, & sold with appurtenances unto
the said William Pigford his heirs & assigns against him this
Thomas Giddeons & his heirs & ? & every other person or persons
Whatsoever Shall & will warrant & forever Defend by those payments
As a further by hands Thos Giddeons & his Heirs shall & will from
Thane(?) time & at all timesHereafter at the reasonable requests
At the cost & Charges of the said William Pigford his heirs & assigns
Made so & Execute or cause to be owned a& one as Executed all & every
& each further & other Lawful act or Tate(?) Thing or things con-
sideration or Conveyances in the Law whatsoever for the further
better & more perfect granting, conveying & assigns of all &
singular said premises & appurtenances above mentioned
into the said Wm. Pigford his Heirs or assigns or his or their
Council learned in the Law, shall be reasonable divided
Advised or Required In Witnessed whereof I the said
Thomas Giddeons hath hereinto set my hand & seal this
Day & date first above Written his
Thomas X Giddeons
Signed Sealed, and delivered
in presence of us
Wm Wright
James Pigford

New Hanover County
May Term 1793

The Execution of the
Within ? ? ? by
The Oath of William Wright

Esqr ordered to be registered – - Hard-to-read name and initials

12 Sep1803, Ann Rivenbank, James Blanton, John M Minuch, Arthur Savage, and Thomas Giddions (jr ?)

LaneGiddens file, landdeeds001 Transcription done by David Flynn Dec30, 2011 given on the next below:
12Sep1803, Ann Rivenbank, James Blanton, John M Minuch, Arthur Savage, and Thomas Giddions (jr ?) sells Francis Savage a parcel of land. The land is 175(?) acres, lies in New Hanover County on the south side of Rockfish Creek, and was earlier patented by John Rivenbank on 20Nov1790.

Ann Rivenbank and others To Francis Savage
This Indenture made this twelfth day of September the year
of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and three, and in the
twenty seventh year of American Independence, Between Ann Rivenbank spin-
ster(?), and James Blanton, John M Minuch, Arthur Savage, and Thomas
Giddeons gund(jr?), all of the state of North Carolina, County of New Hanover, of
the said party and Francis Savage of the Same place as the other party, Wilm-
ington(?), that the above mentioned Ann Rivenbank, James Blanton, John M
Minuch, Arthur Savage, and Thomas Gideons, for and in consideration of
the sum of one hundred pounds, to us in hand , will be truly paid by the said
Francis Savage before this sealing and delivery of these presently, the receipt
whereof is hereby acknowledged , and we the above mentioned , Ann Rivenbank,
James Blanton, John M Minuch, Arthur Savage, and Thomas Giddeons,
hath, by make presents, giving granted sold, write the said Francis Savage
his living on ?? a certain parcel of of ?? living part of a Survey
patented, by John Rivenbank in? lying and situated in the State and County
above mentioned on the south side of Rockfish Creek beginning date the 20th
November seventeen hundred ninety and being the upper part of said
Survey, beginning Rockfish Creek at the north of Rock Branch
on a white oak William Wright Seventy Thomas running past our hun-
dred and Sixty poles Thomas South, our hundred poles to a stakes thomas
East eighty Seven pole, to a stake Arthur Savage County then with his
line South to two hundred pole to Rockfish Creek, and then with the
using ?? of the Suide? to the first Station the Sams? To contain
one hundred seventy five acres be the Iau? Move on up ?? ??
hold, the aforesaid land and promising with all the appurtenances ??to the same
belonging, of any nature or kind whatsoever to him the said Francis Sav-
age his living and apagan ?, fem?? f? f?? all former gifts, grants, Mortgages,
wills, Executions, or ?? whatsoever, commanded on danv? by and our him,
Or apigus?; or any of us as warrant and defend , the above mentioned land
and property, against the lawful Claims or demands of any our Hinfg? Or
aPigur?: or any other furson?? Or fuse? Any, claiming, or to claim by through
our Him, execution Demonstration or apigen In testimony himof? We have
Fogents?, set our hands Hints?. This day and date, above mentioned
Signed, sealed, and delivered
On power? of                                                James Blanton
Hope                                                              John M Minuch
Ann Rivenbank                                           Arthur Savage
Twelfth Sept. ?? 1813 (or 1803?)            Thomas Giddeons jr?
By Jake Collings
?? 21 1804

William Giddens

Groom’s Name: James G. Hobbs
Bride’s Name: Susan Giddens
Marriage Date: 09 Aug 1867
Marriage Place: Sampson, North Carolina
Groom’s Father’s Name: Simon P. Hobbs
Groom’s Mother’s Name: Sylva Ann Hobbs
Bride’s Father’s Name: Mitchell Giddens
Bride’s Mother’s Name: Letitia Giddens

William Giddens
Virginia Marriages, 1785-1940
marriage: 13 Nov 1780 —Louisa, Virginia
spouse: Susannah Wood
record title: Virginia Marriages, 1785-1940
groom’s name: William Giddens
bride’s name: Susannah Wood
marriage date: 13 Nov 1780
marriage place: Louisa, Virginia
indexing project (batch) number: M86881-0
system origin: Virginia-EASy
source film number: 32190

•  Francis Giddens
Virginia Marriages, 1785-1940
marriage: 01 Oct 1782 —Louisa, Virginia
spouse: Mary White
record title: Virginia Marriages, 1785-1940
groom’s name: Francis Giddens
bride’s name: Mary White
marriage date: 01 Oct 1782
marriage place: Louisa, Virginia
indexing project (batch) number: M86881-0
system origin: Virginia-EASy
source film number: 32190

The Success, Giddens, from Cape Coast, is arrived in the Downs

His Majesty has been pleas’d to appoint the Hon. Christopher Billingfley, Esq; to be Secretary of the Province’ os South Carolina in America, and to be one of his Majesty’s Hon. Council in the said Province.

The Cxsar, Capt. Smiter, for NewEngland, was (poke with 600 Leagues Well off the Lizard, in Latitude 41, by Capt. Higgens from Virginia.

The Success, Giddens, from Cape Coast, is arrived in the Downs; who left the Phœnix, Read, from the fame Place, in the Channel, and all well.

We hear that Col. Pitt is appointed Governor of South Carolina, in the Room of Col. Horsey, deceas’d.

sept 6 1738

Giddens voor een

De Condiiien berusten ten Cornytoire van den No/аш DE COSTER tot Elewyt.

MAendag den 29. September 17.94 en volgende dagen om negen urén voor ende ora twee urea naer noen zal men puhliekelyk verkoopen in de Afspanninge den Gulden A rend tot Mechelen , met comptante Betaeling, alle soorten van Mtubden als Sroelen , Tafels , Schapperyen , Lediiaaten , Spiegels , Kaper , Tin eu Lynwaerd i alle loonen vas Tappets- gereedichapj eeoe groóte parcye Brand-heut ende eerie groóte partye Schelfe – houten; eerie staende Remise ; eene groóte partye Strooy; alte söorten van Voitueren als koetsen , Berlins, Dyssel-chiesen, ende, enkele Chièsen , eene groóte partye Wielen die besagen zyn » eene schoone welgeCondiiioneerde Karre , schoone nieuwe Ploeg , Egge, en Slet, en alle soorten van Land – bouwers ‘ gereedschap ; vier schoone Feerden; alle sooner) van Peerde – getnyg bestaende in Goreelen , Sadels , Toomen , Harnassuren , Giddens voor een , twee en vier Peerden, twee schoone Ry • sadels , en eene groóte partye Yzer – werk dienstig voor Voitueren.

Ishmael Giddens of York-town

A petition of Ishmael Giddens of York-town in. the state of Virginia, was presented to the House and read, praying that he may receive the arrearages of pay and other emoluments alledged by the petitioner to be due to the estate of his brothers, Ismey Giddens and Custis Giddens, deceased, as soldiers in the ninth Virginia regiment of the continental army, and who died in the service of the United States in the capacity aforesaid, during the revolutionary war with Great-Britain.

Benjamin Gidion 1694

25 Sept 1694 Tuisday in the afternoon September the 25th the Court meet and and are prsent
The Honrbl Thomas Harvey esqr Depty Govern &c and the Deputys and assistants aforemenc̄oned
Thomas Hawkins arrested to answer Majr Alexandr Lillington Attorney of John Wright of Virginia in a plea of Debt and the sd Lillington appears and produceth his letter of Attorney from the sd Wright and in behalfe of the sd Wright saith that the sd Hawkins is justly indebted unto the sd John Wright the sume of sixty three pounds fourteen shillings and he produceth a bond under the the hand and seal of the sd Hawkins and Alis Davis Widdow and the said Hawkins came not and Capt Henderson Walker Surety for the sd Hawkins appearance assumes that he the sd Hawkins shall appear at the next Genll Court to be holden for this County to answer the said complaint.
Ordered that the sd Capt Henderson Walker Surety shall as aforesaid have here the body of the sd Thomas Hawkins at ye next Genll Court as aforesd to answer the plaint as aforesd otherwise judgment to pass against him for the sd Debt.
John Bentley attached to answer Cornelius Lerry in a plea of Detinue and the sd Lerry came in his proper person and saith that at the request of the defendt he the sd Lerry severall Chattles to the sd John Bentley defendt did lend on condic̄on to be returned upon demand restituc̄on whereof the sd Bentley denyes to ye Plantifs Damage fifty shillings and the sd John Bentley appeareth and by his Attorney Capt Henderson Walker defendeth the Injury and saith that the plantif the sd Chattells to the defendant did not lend as the plantif in his declarac̄on alleigeth and this he desireth may be inquired of by the Country wherefore the Marshall is comanded that he cause to come here twelve true and lawful
——————– page 409 ——————– men of the vicinage and who to neither of the partys are related by whom the truth of the matter may be known who accordingly impanelled and sworne
Namely John Stepney foreman Wm̄ Crag Jno Twegger Jno Mason Wm̄ Vos Nicholas SymonsHenry Creech Wm̄ BournsbyWm̄ RaymondCharles Dickison Mathias Towler ffrancis Hendrick Evidence Sworne for plantJames ffewoxRich Bentleysay upon their oath we of the Jury find noe Cause of Action. Ordered that the sute be dismissed and that the sd Lerry pay costs of sute
Mr ffrancis Parrot by his petic̄on shewing that he being sumoned an evidence for the plantif in an action between ffrancis ffoster plantif and Rich. Plater defendt hath attended on this court two days and was three days coming and goeing
Ordered that the sd ffrancis ffoster pay to the sd ffrancis Parrot ye sume of ten shillings als execution.
John Bentley attached to answer Cornelius Lerry in a plea of the case and the sd Cornelius Lerry came and said that the sd John Bentley owed to ye plantif ye sume of sixteen pounds four shillings and ninepence by acct And the sd Bentley by his attorney Capt Henderson Walker sayeth that to ye sd action he ought not to answer for and because ye sd Cornelius Lerry hath in contempt of the rule of this Honble Court in favour of the sd Cornelius Lerry made in the forenoon hath denyed to deliver a coppy of his acct to the defendt before tryall and craveth a nonsute
Ordered that the sd action fall and that the sd Cornelius Lerry pay costs.
Alexander Lillington esqr proves a letter of Attorney to him directed from Wm Duckenfield esqr by the oath of Wm̄ Glover.
Mr Patrick Henley arrested to answer Wm̄ Duckenfield esqr in a plea of case and the sd Patrick Henley came and Alexander Lillington Attorney of the sd Wm̄ Duckenfield saith yt he is not informed what in the case to say and the sd Henley craves a nonsute
Ordered that the sd action fall and that the sd Wm̄ Duckenfield pay cost of sute
Thomas Hassold attached to answer Thomas White and Diana his wife in a plea of the case and the Plantifs say that the sd Hassold unjustly detaineth certaine writing accts and bookes relating to contracts and copartnerships had and made between the sd Diana one of the Plantifs
——————– page 410 ——————– while shee was sole and the sd Hassold. And the sd Hassold defendeth the injury and saith that a reasonable acct thereof he is ready to render wherefor upon the humble prayers of both partys.
Ordered that the auditing of the accounts and whole controversy in this action depending between the sd Thomas White and Diana his wife plantif and the sd Thomas Hassold Defended be wholy referred to the award of the Honrble Thomas Harvey Esq Deputy Govern &c and the Honrble Benjamin Lakar esqr who are hereby requested to mak a full determinac̄on of the same and if need be make report thereof to the next Genll Court.
The rest of the actions returned to this day are referred until tomorrow:
And the Court adjourned untill the Morrow eight of the clock in the forenoon.

September Ye 26th Fforenoon Prsnt The Honeble Depty Governor Thomas Harvey esqr ffrancis Tomes Benjamin Lakar Majr Saml Swan Coll Thomas Pollock Danl Akehurst Secr esqr Lds Deptys Capt Anthony Dawson Mr John Durant assistants.
Madm Susanah Heartley attached to answer Patrick Henley in a plea of the case and the sd Patrick Henley came and saith that the sd Susanah Heartley as being Executrix of the last will and testamt of Coll ffrancis Heartley decd is indebted to ye plantif ye sume of twelve pounds by account produced in Court. And the sd Susanah Heartley by her humble petic̄on showeth that she being very sick canot appear to answer the sd plant at this court and humbly craves day to be given to her till the next court.
Ordered that this action be referred to the next Cort
Juliana Taylor Widdow assumes upon herselfe in Court to answer a petic̄on of Mr Caleb Calaway and Benjamin Gidion shewing that the sd Juliana Taylor had molested and hindred the petic̄oners in their lawfull proceedings in and about the surveying of a tract of Land to ye sd Benjamin Gidion belonging lying on ye West side of Caslelons Creeke in Pequimons precinct And it appearing that the sd Juliana Taylors claime being by an entry made upon land formerly seated was illegal. But by the consent and at the request of the sd Benjamin Gidion in favour of the orphan John Taylor deceased
Ordered that the dividing line between the sd Benjamin Gidion and the sd Orphan shall begin about the length of a chaine up the swamp from a little house built upon Alexander Speeds labour and shall run paralel wth Cornelius Lerrys side line

William Giddins, 100 Hyde

At a Council held at Newbern 22d November 1744 Present His Excellency Gabriel Johnston Esqr GovrThe Honoble Robert Halton Member of His Majesty’s CouncilThe Honoble Edward Moseley Member of His Majesty’s CouncilThe Honoble Eleazer Allen Member of His Majesty’s CouncilThe Honoble Roger Moore Member of His Majesty’s CouncilThe Honoble Mathew Rowan Member of His Majesty’s CouncilThe Honoble Cullen Pollock Member of His Majesty’s Council&The Honoble William Forbes Member of His Majesty’s CouncilRead the following Petitions for Warrants, Vizt
William Cooper 300 Beaufort, William Felps 100 Do, Mary Edwards 300 Craven, John Langston 300 Edgecombe, Mark Morgan 400 Bladen, John Plur White 250 Craven, Hopkin Wilder 300 Edgecombe, Berry Nelson 200 Craven, John Murfey 150 Do, Samuel Griffiths 300 Do,
——————– page 707 ——————– Nicholas Culbert 250 Do, William Burton 200 Do, Do Do 50 Do, Henry Smith 200 Do, John Matthews, 200 Do, John Hilliard 250 Do, Phil Miller 200 Do, John Smith 500 Do, Thomas Truchitte 200 Do, John Bussit 200 Do, James Deerham 100 Do, William Bullen 100 Do, Geo. Mich Wolf 160 Do, Richard Johnson 100 Craven, Henry Owen 100 Do, John Murphy 100 Do, Thomas Davis 250 Do, Martin Frank 300 Do, Benjamin Cooper Senr 250 Do, John Wayne 200 Do, Roger Moore Esqr 320 New Hanover, Theophilus Williams 150 Do, Roger Moore Esqr 200 Do, Henry Simons 600 Bladen, James Mulkey 100 Bladen, James Dawson 500 Do, Theophilus Peirce 100 Bertie, Thomas Lewis 100 Carteret, John Simpson 300 Do, John Johnson 100 Onslow, Robert Hooks 100 Do, John Burnaph 200 Do, Richard McClure 300 Curratuck, Jos John Alston 300 Edgecombe, Christopher Guinn 200 Do, Thomas Barefield 300 Do, Robert Clarey 200 Do, Benjamin Rush 300 Do, Hopkin Wilder 640 Do, Frederick Holmes 200 Do, Benjamin Peyton 200 Beaufort, Jno Hardy 400 Do, Roger Hodges 300 Do, William Foreman 100 Do, Elizabeth Snoad 300 Do, Anthony Wherry 200 Do, William Taylor 200 Do, Isaac Buck 200 Do, Richard Basset 150 Do, Christopher Guinn 200 Do, Samuel Tindall 400 Do, William Giddins, 100 Hyde, Roger Mason 100 Hyde, Joshua Saterwhite 100 Do, Luke Forteskue, 100 Do, Willowby Adams 200 Do, William Bartram 150 Bladen, John Rice 200 Craven
Eleazer Allen Esqr His Majesty’s Receiver General of this Province Exhibited his Accounts of the Receipts of his Majesty’s Quit Rents within the same from the 29th day of September 1735 to the 29th day of September 1744 and made Oath thereto before His Excellency the Governour in Council which is Ordered to be Certified.